Particle board price in Kenya

Particle board is an engineered wood product made by mixing saw dust with adhesives. Particle board doesn't bow or warp like plywood does. However, it swells up when exposed to water or a lot of moisture. The particle board price in Kenya is affordable when you know the right suppliers to buy from.

If you want to enjoy the best particle board price in Kenya, consider buying your boards from a supplier that only specializes with wood products. You might find some of these products in hardware stores but since these are not their specialty and they do not buy them in bulk like we do, their prices will be higher.

Particle boards are a favorite for many carpenters because of their affordable prices compared to solid wood and other engineered wood boards. This is because particle boards are easily made from waste products such as sawdust, shavings and wood chips which can be found cheaply.

Although particle boards are known to be denser, they are usually weaker than MDFs and other similar boards. They are also lighter and mostly used in situations where they are not exposed to heavy loads and water or high moisture.

Uses of particle board

Usually, particle boards are used for making furniture. They should be used in areas where the particle boards will not be exposed to water or a lot of moisture since they are prone to water damage. Also, particle boards should be used in areas where they are not directly weight bearing.

Particle boards make it very easy for carpenters to make ready to sell furniture. They can be covered using veneer sheets of different finishes to give them a quality finish and enhance their durability.

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