Marine board price in Kenya

Marine board is not like the traditional board you are used to. It has more layers that increase its strength and is made of hardwood timber which increases its durability. As such, you should expect the marine board price in Kenya to be higher than that of the usual board.

Further, marine board is made using waterproof glue and given a top waterproof layer to ensure total protection from water damage. For this reason, marine board can be used in wet and high moisture conditions without getting damaged like normal board would. Actually, marine board are made for use in marine conditions hence the name.

The factors that affect the marine board price in Kenya include the thickness of the board and the grade of quality. Usually marine board boards are available in either grade A or grade B. Grade A is the best grade and costs more than grade B. However, you should not that grade B marine board is still better than the traditional board.

The other factor is thickness. Marine board is usually available in different thicknesses depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer their products in more thicknesses than others. The thicker marine board costs more than the thin ones.

The last factor that can raise the marine board price in Kenya is where you get your board from. Some suppliers will of course sell at higher prices than others. To ensure you get the real product and get it at the right prices, it is recommended that you buy the marine board from a specialist supplier. That is where we come in handy.

Since we specialize in only sale of wooden boards, we source our products in bulk and we are able to offer them at better prices than other suppliers that only buy in small scale. Place your order today for genuine marine board and at the best marine board price in Kenya.