Gypsum board price in Kenya

Gypsum board is an engineered construction material usually used in interior designing jobs. Gypsum boards are used as a surface material (exterior material) usually in ceilings and walls. Gypsum boards have a core that is made of natural or synthetic gypsum surfaced with a specially designed paper firmly bonded to the core. The gypsum board price in Kenya varies depending on which type of gypsum you buy and where you buy from.

Gypsum is a favorite for use in ceilings and walls because it comes with natural fireproof capabilities that can also be enhanced. It therefore reduces fire hazards when used for ceilings, walls and partitions.

Types of Gypsum boards

There are usually two types of gypsum boards available in the market. There is the regular gypsum board and the type X gypsum board. The regular gypsum board is sold with the naturally occurring fire resistance while the type X gypsum is enhanced to make it even more fire proof.

The regular gypsum boards are sufficient for use in most applications. However, if you would like to further reduce the chances of a fire spreading, you can consider upgrading to the type X gypsum. The choice between these two products really just boils down to your preference and whether you are exposed to any special fire hazards.

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