Chip board price in Kenya

Chip board is a type of particle board made using wood chips. The chips are mixed with and bonded together with synthetic resin before being pressed and extruded. Unlike other types of engineered wood that can be used in places with high moisture, chip board doesn't like water. Chip boards are generally affordable than other boards but the chip board price in Kenya varies depending on certain factors.

Uses of chip board

When choosing a board to work with, the price of the product is very important. If you are making furniture for instance, the higher the price, the better the materials used to make the furniture. When you want to save on costs, you use products that are cheaper.

Chip board is usually used in making furniture especially indoor furniture. It is usually used in places where a cheaper option is required when other more expensive boards are not an option due to the costs.

Since they are not very strong as compared to MDFs and plywood, chip boards should not be used in furniture where they are load bearing for instance sofas. They should also not be used in situations where they will be exposed to water or a lot of moisture.

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