Blockboard Prices in Kenya

Blockboard is a favorite for many carpenters in the industry today. Blockboards are engineered sheets of wood like plywood but better than plywood in some ways which makes it better to work with. The blockboard prices in Kenya differ between different grades, sizes and where you are buying your boards since some suppliers are more expensive than others.

Blockboards have a core that is made of strips of softwood joined edge to edge between two layers of wood veneers and glued under high pressure. Usually, blockboards are made of soft wood. The soft wood used at the core makes it easy to use nails and screws on blockboards because they adhere better than with plywood.

Blockboard doesn't split on cutting and is very easy for carpenters to work with. It is also available in many different finishes but to make it your own, it can also be painted or polished. What's more besides being stiffer and stronger, blockboard is also lighter than plywood therefore much better where weight is a problem.

Uses of blockboards

The uses of Blockboards are innumerable. However, when compared to plywood, blockboards are used where lengthy pieces of wood are needed when making furniture. This is because blockboards are stiff and do not bend like plywood does.

Blockboards are used in uses such as building long shelves, tables, benches, settees, beds, wall panels, sofas, flush doors, flooring, interior decorations, prefabricated houses, bus bodies, partitions, paneling and railway carriages among others.

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