About us

We are the leading suppliers of high quality MDF boards in the country redefining the standards of engineered wood panels. We stock and deliver exceptionally engineered products all the while maintaining industry leading customer service.

To meet the needs of the wider customer base we serve, we stock a wide range of MDF panels. You can choose between products of different quality, local or international products, and products with different finishes.

Why choose us?

Quick delivery – we will never hold your products unnecessarily. All our products are shipped out on the same day if ordered early or on the next day regardless of the size of the order. Time is money, and we never waste any of yours.

Quality products – as a leading supplier of MDFs in the country we are known for our quality products. Plus, our products are properly stored in dust free environment and are packed and delivered in the best manner possible. As such, you will receive your quality products in the shape you expected them to be. No dents, scratches or dirt on the surfaces.

Unparalleled customer service – we serve our customers with a smile regardless of the size of order they are placing. We believe in offering unrivaled customer support to ensure our clients are content with the purchases they make.

We are dedicated to sourcing innovative timber products from around the world, driven by the demands of our clients. Our team has accumulated decades of knowledge and expertise with MDFs and other engineered timber products, making us ideally placed to offer you the advice you need when making a purchase. We are happy to answer to any queries on which product to choose and why.

Contact us today if you need any help by filling in the contact form or calls us.