OSB Boards

OSB means oriented strand board and it is formed out of compressed layers of wood strands. The strands are joined together using adhesives usually a mixture of wax and synthetic resin. The layers of strands in OSB boards are not placed randomly but rather strategically to ensure the strength of the boards.

Why use OSB boards?

One of the reasons many people use OSB boards is because of their strength. In sheer values, OSB boards are stronger than plywood which is why they are used in areas where strength is needed like in sheathing in walls, roofs and floors. OSB is also used for load bearing purposes.

Besides these uses, OSB boards are great for many DIY projects. The rough and variegated finish of OSB boards is ideal for many internal and external deco pieces where rustic finish will do.

Besides strength, OSB boards are also great at withstanding humid conditions. However, you need to confirm that you have the right grade for use in high humidity conditions since not all OSB boards can be used in wet conditions.

Although OSB boards are weather resistant for permanent outdoor use where they are exposed to weather elements, you will probably have to do some weather proofing to offer ultimate protection. Also, when you cut the boards, ensure that you apply weather protection on the exposed parts since those would make the boards vulnerable to water damage.

Want to buy OSB boards?

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